Developing the next generation of accessible and non-invasive biopharmaceuticals through sustainable microalgae biofactories

Our Green Recombinant
Technology (GRT™ )

is a unique proprietary system for the production of recombinant proteins based on the green and edible microalgae Chlamydomonas.

Vegetal source 100% Animal-free and Bacterial-free

Speed up development

Derisked, Simple & Cost efficient production

Stable and affordable recombinant biologics for oral, inhaled & topical formulations

Eukaryotic expression machinery

Seamless lab-to- cGMP scalability


We are advancing new solutions for highly prevalent infectious diseases and chronic autoimmune and age-related disorders


Our team joins forces with industrial and academic experts on human and animal health.

Olga Durany

Chief Executive Officer

Cristina Lopez

Chief Scientific Officer

Maria Teresa Lopez

Research Director

Thais Ivern

Chief Financial Officer

Judit Roca

Molecular Biology Scientist

Jaime Serra

Process Development Scientist

David Agüera

Process Development Scientist

Biological treatments affordable for everyone, everywhere

Accelerating GRT™ to improve worldwide patient’s and animal’s quality of life under the one health concept

Join us to disrupt the market with unique advanced solutions

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